Although the “Game of Thrones” star says she now “100% in the

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canada goose uk outlet Emilia Clarke: bit of my brain actually died during second aneurysmEmilia Clarke is going into more detail about the severity of the second brain aneurysm that almost killed herin 2013. Although the “Game of Thrones” star says she now “100% in the clear” in terms of her neurological prognosis, she told “CBS Sunday Morning”that she suffered permanent brain damage as a result of her subarachnoid hemorrhage, a stroke caused by an artery rupturing and bleeding into the space surrounding the brain. The video included never seen before photos of Clarke in the hospital following both procedures.. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Parka The correct course of action is NOT for this commenter to say “yeah, but women too”. The correct course of action is to condemn this man’s actions as wrong because they’re wrong. Go ahead and condemn the women too, they also deserve it. If a dude is 100% done after he got his, that is a really good indicator he is either selfish or just too sexually immature. canada goose outlet montreal address Rolling off like “thanks babe, I had a good time, see ya!” Or in OP case seemingly shutting down to nurse his wounded canada goose retailers uk pride, both are really dismally stupid. Did your hands fall off or something.?. Canada Goose Parka

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