is a significant risk associated with a CT scan, he said

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canada goose clearance sale While he couldn comment specifically on the case for privacy reasons, he said protocol for handling a possible head injury in the ER starts with an oral history and physical exam. The decision to order a CT scan isn made lightly, especially with children, as the machine emits radiation that has been linked to an increased risk of brain a significant risk associated with a CT scan, he said.Observation is often used to determine the severity of a head injury. The length of observation depends on the patient trajectory and whether or not they improve.symptoms of intoxication can sometimes look like canada goose outlet toronto the symptoms of a head injury, said Barclay, adding an ER doctor usually does the assessment in canada goose outlet houston the ER, but canada goose wholesale uk useful reference specialists, including a neurologist or neurosurgeon, are available to canada goose jacket outlet uk see patients at Delta Hospital if needed.The doctor said the patient safety review will bring together everyone who had contact with Losse. canada goose clearance sale

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