Meanwhile, the East Lancashire Table Tennis League has achieved

best replica bags We now have a centre to be proud of, a place that the England team have used for practising and which is now used to hold national competitions.”Fred also started the annual junior competition which involved pupils from schools in Hyndburn, Blackburn, Burnley, the Ribble and Rossendale Valleys. As the league grew more popular, it changed its name to the East Lancashire Table Tennis League to reflect the area.Fred continued to be a major influence in the new league but retired from his duties last year as his battle with cancer restricted him.”The league will go on and prosper but in losing Fred, this league, and table tennis in general, has lost a great servant to the game,” added Mr Heys.Meanwhile, the East Lancashire Table Tennis League has achieved the England ClubMark status in conjunction with the English Table Tennis Association’s PremierClub scheme.There are four levels of development in PremierClub and the East Lancs League have attained the highest level the advanced stage.It means the work the league carries out especially with young people has been acknowledged. It shows the club serves youngsters well, ensuring they are looked after while in the care of adults, that they enjoy the sport, it is well organised and their talents are developed.”We are the 12th table tennis club to achieve this in the country and considering there are just under 200 clubs registered on the PremierClub scheme, it is quite an achievement,” said ELTTA Development Officer Dave Cochrane.THE Table Tennis Summer League will begin on Monday 13 June at Hyndburn s Centre at 7.30 10pm. best replica bags

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